Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fairytaleish Dress Rehearsal

Yay, happy sappy me! As most of you know last week I went to the rehearsal of La Cenerentola here in São Paulo and had a blast! Well, today was the last dress rehearsal and I was able to get in. It was quite different from the other rehearsal, but equally fun. Getting in from backstage is so thrilling for me, getting to see all the props and the singers with half their makeup on, apart from the fact that you get to be on stage, even if it is for a few minutes. I know it sounds slightly silly to hear someone say they get chills when they step on stage, but I’m a theatre geek, for me the theatre is so much more than a place to perform, it’s a temple. But I’ll make a post only about that someday.

Once inside I had a seat, another great thing about dress rehearsals, you get to pick whatever seat you like, you get to try them all and see which you like best. The buzz was much much louder than last time, there were a lot of people there to watch, about 50 or something.
I guess I can post at least a picture of the stage before the rehearsal
This rehearsal was much like a performance, and it was insanely cool! I felt as if part of a special club that was able to get into this sort of things, everyone there was super into it. They’d clap enthusiastically after the arias and group numbers and I’d shout my brava/bravo/bravi along.
I’m not gonna talk about the production itself because I want to leave that for when I watch an actual performance (already got tickets for myself and my cousin) but I can tell you guys this, the cast is STELLAR! Everyone is so great in their own roles and bring in something fresh and wonderful to it!
I did take a lot of pictures, I must admit, but I won’t post them until at least their opening night. When it was finished we all went wild with clapping and cheering our Rossini heroes. Something quite funny that happened was that when the maestro took too long to get to the stage, the tenor playing the Prince took another bow quite in divo style to everyone’s delight.
My friends were utterly exhausted, why of course they were, while I was enjoying the wonderful performance they were running around with their scores telling everyone their cue. When me and my friend Anara were leaving (again passing through the stage, oh joy!) we heard one of the awesome sisters speak, so I went to talk to her. We hugged and I got a lot of glitter on me (something which I was totally ok with because first I was hugging a super awesome opera star and a wonderful person and second because I love glitter). I asked for a picture and when we took it my friend said it was too dark in there. So Edineia suggested we’d go to the dressing room because the lighting there is better and we could take a picture with her sister also.
I couldn't go without posting this picture, Edna D'Oliveira and Edineia De Oliveira the awesome sisters and moi in center haha
I was stunned and giggling like a four year old going up those stairs heading to their dressing room. We got there and Edna had almost taken half her makeup off and she looked hilarious, they both looked quite funny with their over the top glittery makeup. We talked and took pictures and there I was, in heaven again, in an opera house dressing room talking to amazing people after an out of this world performance.
I say it again, I love this, my life without art and music would be absolutely meaningless. I rejoice on the fact that I found my true love and what makes me really happy, now it’s off to study my behind off! Peace everyone!


  1. Hi Bela,
    Thanks for your reports on rehearsals at the opera. It sounds like so much fun and makes me wish I were hanging out with you and getting in to observe the rehearsals and meet the singers. Great photo!

    I really enjoy your energy and excitement about opera that you share with us through your blog. And I'm looking forward to your official review once the show opens.

    Study hard!

    1. Hey Rob! Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to comment I really appreciate it :)
      Yeah, well, I try to make the most of the opportunities that are given to me, there aren't many opera companies here in Brasil and even fewer that let "outsiders" watch their rehearsal, I'm just really thankful for the amazing conductor that is always helping us be in touch with this world more and more. It really is an amazing experience to be able to watch these rehearsals, I'm sure you'd love it!
      Thanks so much for your kind words, the whole reason why I made this blog was because I got to a point where I felt I had to express my feelings towards this amazing art form in writing, so I could also share my enthusiasm with other people! :)
      I'll be checking out your blog!