Monday, March 17, 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone! First and foremost I’d like to say THANK YOU so much for all the wonderful responses of my last post. I was really very moved by all your comments and messages, I do love this art form so much and it’s a joy for me to share my thoughts and crazy ideas with you all!

So I’m working on an awesome series of posts right now that I will probably post next and don’t worry I will account for the other days in NYC that were pretty awesome as well and full of opera. But now I’d like to post something slightly more personal. This is actually a video tag that I saw in my favorite fashion YT channel Evelina. Yes, I subscribe to a fashion channel and Evelina is real cool, she’s not like most of the fashion vlog girls who have irritating voices and sound kinda dumb. No, she’s very sweet and has the most amazing ideas and tips about sorts of things, plus she’s Russian and speaks 4 languages, the girl is smart. But anyways, this is a thing where I write down 50 random facts about myself and I thought I’d be fun for all of you to get to know me a little better, so here we go!

1- I’m addicted to Sudoku
2- I hate going to the hairdresser, I do everything one does at the hairdresser myself and my second mum cuts my hair
3- I did ballet and tap dancing for a while growing up but was never real good at them
4- I love pictures and hanging pictures of me and friends or of inspirational things all over my bedroom
5- I started my love for the performing arts watching Les Miserables live at the age of 10
6- I’m a very optimistic person
7- I love designing and coming up with ideas for costumes and also choreographing dances for the plays I’m doing  (I’m usually responsible for those most of the time)
8- I love to sing pop songs and musicals but the more I study classical singing the more ridiculous I sound singing them. (You should hear my “Let the storm rage on” from Let it Go, it’s pathetic)
9- I’m a very rational person even though I get tears in my eyes from watching commercials
10- My favorite characters have a tendency of  being the ‘evil’/dark ones like Snape (Harry Potter), the Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time), Nico (Heroes of Olympus) and even Amneris (Aida)
11- I have a very difficult time letting go of material things from the past (I still have my favorite Barbie dolls and stuffed animals)
12- I am a shameless bookworm, I love books and I love to read
13- I hate scary movies and will never watch them because they really freak me out
14- I love to cook and I always sing when I cook, it’s my secret ingredient
15- I’m absolutely fascinated by languages and my goal is to learn how to speak as many as I can
16- I’m a very domestic person, I love to hang out in my house and work from home and also to have friends over
17- I don’t watch TV at all but I do watch many TV series, I download them and watch them in my laptop
18- If I had the means I could eat sushi everyday
19- I love meeting new people and getting to exchange experiences, I find that we can always learn so much by simply listening to the most common place things
20- My favorite type of story (be it book/movie/series) is fantasy/adventure closely followed by mystery and romance
21- My favorite colors are red and green, it’s a complete and utter tie followed by black
22- I LOVE fairy tales
23- I’m very concerned about my looks at all times, I always go out looking as good as the thing I have to do allows me to
24- I have a thing for shelves, I love having an endless number of shelves displaying from all my books and CDS to perfumes and make up stuff
25- My sprit animal is a Panda!
26- I love to bike, I get to almost everywhere with my bicycle
27- My favorite drink is a Cosmopolitan
28- I’m addicted to coffee
29- I speak two languages fluently, my mother tongue Portuguese and English, I do also speak Spanish and a bit of Italian and French which I’m teaching myself how to speak
30- I prefer to read/write/speak in English
31- I’m a proud Slytherin
32- My guilty pleasure is Glee
33- I used to hate opera when I was younger
34- I suck at sports that involve a ball, with the exception of dodge ball because I can run from the ball
35- Two of the biggest inspirations for my personal style are Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) and the Evil Queen/Regina (OUAT)
36- I met one of my best friends in the front row of an opera singer recital
37- My sister is the person I trust the most
38- My favorite kind of footwear is a Brazilian flip-flop called Havainas, I must have 10 of them in all different colors
39- I’ve had a crush on Alan Rickman since I was 13 years old
40- The women that inspired and continue to inspire me to be an artist were/are Emma Thompson, Joyce Didonato, Sondra Radvanovsky, Lana Parrilla and Sutton Foster
41- I think newspapers are disgusting and smell horrible and I won’t go near them, I’m serious, if you wanna see me freak out wave newspapers in my direction
42- I’ve only had one boyfriend, we dated for two years and broke up well so today we are great friends
43- I have never dyed or put any sort of chemical product to change my hair, it’s all black and all curly and 100% natural
44- I study for about 5 hours a day everyday
45- I hate the fact that I squint my eyes when I’m smiling for a picture so you can’t really see them well. That usually happens when I take a picture with a super awesome opera singer
46- I don’t mind being alone, I actually kind of like it
47- I’m running out of ideas so my 3 favorite composers are Mozart, Puccini and Massenet
48- Harry Potter changed my life, it made me fall in love with reading which triggered so many wonderful things in my life
49- I love to read fanfiction
50- I’m a very agitated kind of person, I always feel like I should be doing 2 things at the same time to optimize my time

Yes, that's me underwater!

And that’s it! Now you actually know why I’m so insane! Leave a comment with a random fact about you you'd like to share! I’ll be making a new post soon! Cheers everyone!


  1. Interesting! A half of these facts is about me!))))

  2. 10% is true so, don't trust this crazy... (lie)

    I'm very proud of you and really happy to be mencioned here (and my mom's too!!!)

    Sorry about the english and i want my rite of the spring ok?!?!?!?!

    See ya!

    1. ladies and gentlemen, my awesome ex!
      I'll give you the Rite of Spring as soon as you give me back my dictionary. I'll be around next week!