Friday, March 7, 2014

Here and Back Again in NYC - Day 5 - Shopping and Avenue Q

Hey world! This is probably gonna be a short post because I didn’t go to any operas on the 5th day in NYC. But before I write about that let me just say that I got to watch the Oscar’s the other day. I loved the ceremony and Ellen was such an amazing host. I must admit that I saw very few of the movies that were nominated, like Frozen, The Hobbit, The Wolf of Wallstreet (I made the mistake of going to this one with my mom, TRAUMA) and August: Osage County. But this ceremony did make me want to watch a lot of the other nominated films like: 12 Years a Slave; American Rustle; Dallas Buyers Club; The Great Gatsby; Her; Philomena; Blue Jasmine. And even though Gravity was the big winner of the night I don’t really want to see it, stuff in space kinda freaks me out, the whole lack of oxygen makes me nervous. Plus I don’t really like the director Alfonso Cuaron or whatever is his name, still haven’t forgiven him for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

But enough about movies, let’s get to the real fun, NYC day 5!

So on this day I could breathe a little bit because I didn’t have anything scheduled with anybody so me and mum could take on the city! We went out and it was a nice sunny day, very cold, still had to wear about 3 stockings but it was a beautiful day. We decided to walk to 5th Ave through Central Park which was a lot of fun because we got to see the park in a completely different light. It was completely covered with snow but for the foot paths. We could see children sliding down snow banks and I couldn’t help but think of my closest Brazilian friends who would totally do that with me were they there. We took some pictures and I was able to capture the cutest squirrel in the snow moment.

Getting to 5th Ave we did what we do best, SHOP. Not much to tell apart from that, our morning was basically spent browsing through clothes and pretty stuff. You guys have no idea how ridiculously cheap stuff at the US is compared to Brazil! Don’t judge me because I shop, I do it because I’m basically addicted.

Then we walked to Times Square and had lunch at Bubba Gump. Holy crap. Their food is just unbelievably delicious. They have this sauce made of butter, lemon and garlic, amongst other things, that is absolutely INSANE! And it’s funny because when the dishes arrived we thought they were too small but by the end of the yummy dish I was sure I would be having a very late dinner if I ate at all after that.

After that we ventured into the big Forever 21 at Times Square and after some digging found quite a lot of really cheap stuff. I seriously got a winter jacket and a winter trench coat for $15 each. I just love that store. I recently learned that they have new stuff every day, no wonder you can go to as many of those stores as possible and still find loads and loads of different stuff in all of them. They are opening a store in São Paulo next week but I doubt it’s gonna be as accessible (price wise and location wise) as it is in the US. Specially because it’s gonna be located in one of the most high society and expensive malls in São Paulo. Yeap, it’s still cheaper to get myself a flight ticket to the US and shop there massively then to shop in my own town.

Ma moma looooves me haha
While I shopped I also made plans with Mike to go to the singing waiters place called Stardust for dinner. The problem was, my mum was terrified of catching a taxi by herself and I’m gonna tell you why. On Saturday she hailed for a cab all by herself and got in one and asked the driver to take her to our hotel. But the driver didn’t turn on that price thing in the cab and started asking her if she was alone, where was she from and such. My mum is a suspicious person by nature, after all she lives in a country that if you turn your back on the wrong person they will rob/kidnap/shoot you. She got safely to the hotel that day but really thought that the cab driver wanted to kidnap her. Bottom line, I had to take the cab with her from Times Square to our hotel then take another back to Times Square to meet Mike. I was late and I hate being late.

Good thing was he was the first in a very long line to get into the restaurant. We got in and it all seemed really fun with the waiters dancing and singing. The problem was, we didn’t know any of those songs they were singing. They did not sing Broadway but pop songs that I seriously did not know. So the singing that was supposed to be entertaining became quite annoying because we wanted to chat and no wonder they were not on Broadway (that sounded really bitchy but I have a very high standards when it comes to singing). We ordered food that was clearly overpriced due to the performance part of dinner and left as soon as we finished eating. Mike wasn’t also a fan of that establishment, we took a picture that sums up our feelings about it.

Then Mike left and I was on my way to the hotel when I passed by the New World Stages. First of all I think this place is absolutely awesome. It’s an off broadway theater place that holds not only one but 5 different stages meaning they have 5 shows on at the same time. It reminded me a lot of a movie theater but with stages instead of a screen, absolutely incredible!

So as I was saying I passed by this amazing place and noticed that Avenue Q would start in 10 minutes, an impulse went through me and I went in. I went to the ticket booth and asked for the prices on Avenue Q and the lady told me they were $90 for orchestra and $70 for balcony. I did not have that money and so I was about to walk away when the lady told me she could give me a discount and I paid $50 for an orchestra seat, a great orchestra seat by the way.

As soon as I sat down on my seat I started a friendly conversation with two sisters who came to see the show, one of them was bringing her sibling for the first time to Avenue Q.

Now, the musical is so much fun. But there was one small problem. I practically knew the entire thing by heart! So it wasn’t really funny unless the performer would do something different with it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lovely time, but between that and the fact that the singers weren’t again all that good, especially Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut I kinda regretted not going to Prince Igor at the Met.

I’m not saying, don’t go to this show, it’s a great show by itself even if the performers aren’t ideal you will still laugh A LOT. It’s a puppet/human show for adults so it talks about sex, racism, porn, growing up, finding your purpose, bullying, one night stands, being broke, being rich then being broke, coming out, friendship and love. It’s so adorable!

After the show was over I walked a good 15 blocks to my hotel and again collapsed on the bed. That’s all folks, next post is gonna be pretty big, opening night of Werther was pretty incredible and will be hard to describe in few words, which, I won’t haha Cheers!

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